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GameTrack 3.0

Introducing the biggest GameTrack update ever! This is a complete, from the ground up, remake, including a new design, new icons, new features and a new GameTrack account! Sign in with Apple to create an account, follow your friends to see their posts in your Activity feed and see each other’s lists.

3.0 Features

  • Create custom lists, including new Ranked lists.
  • Follow your friends and see their updates in your Activity feed.
  • See your friends lists with their ratings and progress.
  • Import your games from PSN and Xbox, with trophy and achievement progress.
  • Organise your Archive with Finished, Completed and Abandoned statuses.
  • Group your Wish List by release month/year and your Archive by finish month/year
  • Use quick actions via the context menu (hold down on a game).
  • Find new games to play using the expanded Discover screen with Featured, Popular, Recent, Upcoming, Hyped, Just Added, Platforms & Franchises.
  • Customise your app icon with brand new icons themed around your favourite consoles (PS4, Xbox, Switch).
  • Triple column layout on iPad.
  • Search your lists with Genre and Platform filters. Includes a new Random button that will show you a random game from your search filters.

Due to new considerations such as server costs, the app will be moving to a subscription model going forwards. Upgrade to GameTrack+ to access custom icons, layouts, themes, tint colours, custom lists, ranked lists and automatic refresh of release dates. (Note that existing customers who purchased the customise pack will still have access to the features they purchased, and will get a 20% discount on a GameTrack+ subscription.)

Promo Images

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