Making managing your games collection easy and enjoyable.

Gaming Collections

Keep track of your video game backlog, archive and wish list with beautiful poster and banner images.

Share Your Gaming Life

Post updates to your feed when you start, finish, or wish for a game and search for your friends lists.

Add Any Game

Using the database, search for any game on any platform to add to your lists.

Rate Games & Track Progress

Keep track of your progress through your backlog and rate your games when finished. Hold down on a game in your list to quickly change these.

Link Your Gaming Accounts

Link your PSN, Xbox & Steam accounts to import your games along with trophies and achievements.


Change up your experience with multiple themes, tint colours and custom icons (based on PS4, Xbox & Switch controllers).


Get notifications when your most anticipated games are released.

Charts & Statistics

View automatic charts of your ratings, favourite platforms, genres and how many games you finish per month.

Ranked Lists

Create custom ranked lists for your favourite games and series.